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Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Primary Muscles Groups:-

•Rectus and Transverse Abdominis

•Gluteus Muscles

•Erector Spine


Secondary Muscles Groups:-

•Arms Shoulder and Neck Muscles

•Upper and Lower Back Muscles

•Core Muscles

•Chest Muscles

•Hips Muscles

•Pelvic Muscles


Position:- Supine

Level- Beginners

Type of Stretch-

•Back bend




•Upper and Lower Back




•Bridge Pose is also known as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana.

•It is beginning backbend that helps to open the chest and Stretch the Thighs.

•This pose is also known as Therapeutic Pose.

•Bride Pose is one of the Kegel Exercise

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Step-by-Step:-

•Lie on your back.

•Take a few deep breath and calm your body and mind.

•Bent your knees and keep your knees and feet hip width apart.

•Palms up by your sides and maintaining the natural curves.

•Press your feet and arms firmly into the floor.

•Exhale and lift your hips towards the ceiling.

•Trying distribute your weight equally on the feet and supporting your weight with your shoulder, arms and feet.

•Hold your buttocks off the floor and bottom firm up in this Pose.

•Both Thighs are paraller to each other.

•Keep breath easily.

•Hold the posture for few minutes as long as you can hold this position.

•Exhale and gently release the Pose.


•Strengthen your back muscles.

•Gives a good and gentle strech to the chest, neck and spine.

•Calm your brain, stress and depression.

•Helps to improve digestion.

•Helps relieve the monopause system and menstrual cramps.

•Rejuvenates tired legs or spine.

•Stimulates lungs, thyroid gland and abdominal glands.

•Reduces anxiety fatigue, headache, backache and insomnia.

•Therapeutic for sinusitis, asthma and high blood pressure.


•Avoid doing this pose if you are suffering from neck and back injury.

•Always work within your own range of limits and abilities.

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