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Sanskrit:- उत्तानपादासन

Ut:- Lift

Tan:- Stretch

Pad:- Leg

Asana:- Pose

Position:- Supine

Physical Effects:-



•Lower Back




Level:- Beginner






•Lower Back

•Middle Back







•Back- Bend

•Back- Stretch

•Back- Strength

•Body Balance

•Raised leg Pose is most important exercise in Back Pain.

•This exercise is highly recommend for reduces belly fat.

•It’s helpful for stomach disorder.

•It’s good and basic for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

•If you suffer from navel displacement this pose is best for you.

•You can also practice the pose by raising one leg at a time if you are beginner.


•Lie flat on your back ( in Supine Position ) on your mat.

•Take a few deep breaths and try your mind or body relex.

•Place your both hands on sides and palms should be facing downwards

•Now inhale slowly and try to lift your leg from the floor and try to make 90 degree angle without any type of Jerk ( in the beginning try to make 45-60 degree angle).

•Feel the stretch is the hamstrings and hips.

•Try to don’t raise your upper body.

•Head is kept straight and eyesight to be fixed on the ceiling.

•Hold this position for 15-20 second to feel the pressure in lower abdomen.

•Breath out and relax your posture.

•Repeat this 3-4 times daily in beginning


•Cure acidity, Indigestion and constipation.

•Strengthen the abdominal organs.

•Helpful in arthritis.

•Good for diabetic patients.

•Helpful for losing weight.

•Cure your back pain.

•Improves the digestive system.

•Increasing blood circulation.

•Excellent exercise for abdomen.

•Tones and strengthen the pelvis, hips, lower back, abdomen and leg.

•Reduces weight in the lower abdomen things and hip.


•Pregnant women should avoid this Pose for few months.

•If you are suffering from high blood pressure, slip disc and ulcer.

•If you having any type of abdominal surgery recently.

Common Mistakes:-

•Your knees are bent.

•Pulling too hard, strains or lifting your head.

•Your toes are pointed away.

•Shoulders and neck muscles are tensed.

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