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Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose, Diamond Pose and Adamantine Pose)

Sanskrit:- वज्रासन

Vajra:- Diamond or Thunderbolt

Asana:- Posture or Pose

Position:- Sitting ( Kneeling )

Level:- Beginner

Elements:- Light, Water and Earth

Type:- Stretch

Anatomy:- Feet, Ankles and Knees.

• Vajrasana is meditative pose that needs to stay steady, firm and calm.

• You might think it as an easy pose but it’s not.

• At the beginning of the practicing this position, you might feel acute pain and unrest in mind.

• Many Breathing yogic exercises performed in this position.

Vajrasana step-by- step :-

• Kneel down on the mat with your lower legs stretched backward.

• Both feet below the buttocks with toes touching close to each other and heels apart place.

• Heels apart place and thighs on your calves muscles group.

• Keep your spine straight with your Chin parallel to the ground and raised your body, sitting on the gap between the heels on the ankle.

• Placing your both hands on your lap.

• Close your eyes to reduce any distraction and concentration on your breathing.

• Breathing in or breathing out should be performed in the steady and rhythmic way.

• Practicing this position 5-10 minutes daily in beginning and then try practicing it for 30 minutes daily.

• To release this Posture, remove the hands from thighs and return them to the sides of the hips on the floor.

• Inhale and lift the body tilting it to the left side and release the right leg and bring it stretched out in front of you and exhale.

• Inhale and release the left leg tilting the body towards the right a bit and exhale Stretching the leg out in front of you.

• Stretching both the legs out you could loosen the leg by shaking the Ankles or rotating them clockwise and anti-clock wise.


• Increases Flexibility in Ankles.

• Improves Blood Ciculation

• Strengthen pelvic muscles.

• Improves digestion

• Stabilized mind and body

• Reduces stress level

• Strong knees

• Improve posture

• Ease bowel movement

• Strengthening the immune system

• Healthy weight loss

• Relieves mood swings

• Glowing skin

• Strengthen spine

• Relaxing yoga pose

• Relieves stomach alignment

• Good for pregnant women

• You can meditate or do Pranayama in this Pose as well.

• Increases concentration.


• Injured Ankles or Knees ligaments

• Hernia or Ulcers

• Runners with Hamstring or Calf Injury.

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